After subscription we open your Personal Account where you get and complete daily tasks. You train according to a specially designed system of lessons which gradually develop perception, attention, logical and creative thinking, and intelligence.

You can complete the intro class

In your Personal Account you have access to the whole history of daily tasks which you received within a year.
If you have missed a lesson, you will be able to complete it at any time by having simply selected it from the list.


You can set up the convenient schedule of receiving tasks. Select days of the week and study according to the personal schedule.
One time in three weeks (21 days) you will be offered to specify your purposes of learning. Focusing on the purposes promotes quicker and productive development of your skills.
















Besides the main system of developmental lessons, you will receive specialised cases – sets of exercises for different professions and reality situations.




In your Personal Account you can track your results. The results are shown in the form of graphs as a percentage ratio for each skill and each exercise.


If you have the Family Subscription, you will see not only your results, but also the results of other participants of this Subscription.



For passing levels in the exercises you receive BRAIN-POINTS.

You will see the total number of your BRAIN-POINTS:


You will be able to exchange your BRAIN-POINTS for valuable and useful goods in the "Intelligence shop iQ Teacher".



All exercises in the section "Developmental lessons" will be available to you. You will be able to select the exercises that you like for additional self-tuition.




Select the most convenient option of the Subscription.

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