Developmental lessons

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According to scientists, best of all the brain developes in two ways: when we play and when we repeat the studied materials adding some more difficult things. Such is indeed the case with the specially designed system of learning lessons iQ Teacher for training attention, perception, memory, thinking and intelligence. It is mportant that these abilities are developed in the best way possible as a whole: development of memory is closely interconnected with attention and perception training. Thinking stimulates memory and intelligence by allowing comprehending and structuring information, and making logical conclusions. The iQ Teacher tasks are given in a certain methodical sequence that provides improving on the result of development of perception, attention, memory, thinking and intelligence.

Lessons on perception development

Perception is an ability to aggregate sensation, knowledge, expectancy and experience in a coherent world view. This is a descriptive reflection of things embracing the senses, instead of certain characteristics and qualities of these things.

The perception helps to see the entire coherent situation at once and to quickly put first things first, i.e. that affects you personally. The developed perception allows concentrating on the main characteristics of a thing irrespective of its minor features.

Perception can be developed. The developed perception conduces to more accurate and appropriate assessment of reality. Intelligence professionals specially train perception to assess a situation at once and to put first things first. But no one is born an intelligence professional. Everything could be trained and developed. Train your perception and you will have the advantage of other people. You will notice what they don't notice, and you will make a decision when they only think it over.

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Lessons on attention development

Attention is an ability to concentrate, to focus and give a chance to think clearly, to make right decisions, to supervise and realize what happens to you and in the world surrounding you. The person with such a quality stands out with power of observation; he is able to better perceive the outside world. The observant person reacts to events quicker and stands out with great educability and mental working efficiency.

Training of attentiveness helps to make ordinary actions livelier, to be present here and now instead of dreaming away time. Sustained attention concentrates energy of a person and bends it to achievement of an objective as a lens collects scattered sunlight and turns it into a directed beam whose force decuples. 

Attentiveness is very important in any job, for example in such professions as accountants, educators, doctors and many others. But attentiveness is also important for each person regardless of a kind of activity. The attentive person quicker and more precisely reacts to new situations; he has great educability and mental working efficiency.

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Lessons on memory development

Memory is a library where there is stored the whole mental vocabulary obtained by a person, all his life experience.  But what is the good of a big library if it is impossible to find a necessary book in it? The trained memory allows structuring information in a certain order and instantly finding the information that is necessary here and now, exactly for what a person is doing at this moment.

Why is it important? A person uses memory almost every single moment, and it takes part almost in all his life processes and behaviour patterns. Even though memory is generalization from past experience, it is absolutely necessary for the future. Only on the basis of gathered experience a person can plan, forecast and anticipate events with confidence.

     Memory can be developed. Training of memory improves brain work that conduces to our health as well as working efficiency.

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Lessons for thinking development


Logical thinking allows drawing right conclusions on the basis of acquired information, separating the husk from the grain, finding interrelations, providing evidences and refutations, being convincing.

Why is it important?  Any event has its reason  that preceded it, and there is a consequence what this event will lead to. Comprehension of this cause-effect relationship is really logic.  The ability to reason justly is highly appreciated in our society. By developing logical thinking you learn to analyse facts, to consistently process information, to successfully overcome any difficulties.  For a person with developed logical thinking life is not a set of senseless accidents, but comprehensible relationship between events.  Therefore, logical thinking gives competitive advantage in the most diverse areas of life.

Thinking can be developed. Logical thinking is necessary for achievement of success in life. Being able to think logically, a person can always analyse a situation and choose the best option under present life circumstances. You can always analyse acts and behaviour of surrounding persons, understand what drives them. When you know what this or that person is motivated by, you can always get on the right side of him.

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Lessons on intelligence development

Intelligence is an ability to study on the basis of experience, adjust, adapt for new situations and apply knowledge to control the environment. It is a general ability to comprehend and solve problems which unites all cognitive abilities of a person: sensation, perception, memory, concept formation, thinking, mental imagery. Now intelligence is understood as an ability to perform cognitive process and to solve problems efficiently, in particular when mastering a new scope of vital tasks.

Why is it important? The developed intelligence allows efficient structuring and processing of incoming information that positively affect all spheres of life: work, studies, education of children, relationship in a family. Intelligence is a person’s reliable tool for solving various tasks arising in life, such as holding of presentations, seminars, conferences. Intelligence allows making good and deliberate decisions on the basis of clear vision of all the pros and cons. It provides management of time by helping to make plans for a day, a week, a month, a year. Intelligence is connected with memory as intellectual material processing allows memorising large amounts of information.

Intelligence can be developed. By raising intelligence level a person improves an ability to rationally present information; thus, he is better understood, perceived and remembered. Intelligence is the basis for goal-setting, planning, creation of strategies for any objective achievement.

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