Do you want to develop your mental abilities?

You like to play games, but you don't like to waste time.

project description

Welcome to the iQ Teacher project – the specialized set of learning lessons for intensive development of mental abilities in the game form.


In each of us there is a child who wants to play. Each of us is a serious person who knows that it is necessary to develop himself and get advantages in a competitive fight.

Modern science says it is possible and necessary to unite these two aspirations; they support and strengthen each other.

A game allows holding attention to a task easily and with interest, but tasks have been selected in such a way that when fulfilling a task, reaction and decision-making speed increases, and the ability to analyse information develops.


For your attention there is offered a set of developmental game exercises for training perception, attention, memory, logical and creative thinking, general intelligence level. Some exercises are aimed at the development of spatial perception.


Modern business environment dictates its terms: large amounts of information, high speed of business processes, relentless competition, stresses … Learning by the iQ Teacher system you will increase your resistance to stress, better adapt to a changeable environment, easier take risks, and work hard toward achievement of an objective. You will develop qualities which any employer would like to see in an ideal employee: commitment, ability to concentrate for a long time and be quick in non-standard decisions..


The exercises are suitable for all ages. Thanks to these exercises schoolchildren’s ability to self-development and self-checking increases; the elderly people have stimulation of thought processes and improve their memory; their attention span and mental acuity increase that conduces to preservation of health and improve longevity.


When you master these games, it will be much easier and more pleasant to play the Big game.

Some people call it Life.


Join the iQ Teacher project, and you will get access to developmental games for training perception, attention, memory, logical and creative thinking, general intelligence level. Every day to your Personal Account you will receive tasks in a game form. Tasks are given in a certain methodical sequence that provides an integrated approach to development of your abilities.


On-line learning


Wish you interesting lessons!